zondag 28 juni 2015

APMEX silver out of stock, gold repatriation accelerates

And we're seeing shortages in silver.

Why? Look at the latest gold repatriation numbers. It's accelerating downwards.

dinsdag 23 juni 2015

Silver Setting up for a Big Move Upwards

In the gold market nothing special is happening, but yesterday, silver was surprisingly strong!

So I took a look at my charts and found this.

APMEX junk silver premiums are soaring, stock is low, which means silver is hard to get now. (U.S. mint silver coin sales are booming too in June)

It is not only hard to get on APMEX, it is hard to get in Shanghai as premiums hit a new high for the year.

Miner premiums are still rising.


At the COMEX, registered silver stock is still going down, but open interest is going higher, which means more leverage.


That leverage is also seen at the COT reports as managed money shorts are desperate to keep silver down. We're hitting a new high for the year on managed silver shorts. Short squeeze is coming.