donderdag 31 augustus 2017

Alphabit (ABC) soars 3000%, BITCF could be ten bagger

I'm interested to know what this surge in Alphabit (ABC) means.
I really have no idea. Just recently, First Bitcoin Capital (BITCF) was halted because it soared too fast. We know that BITCF owns 95% of Alphabit and a day ago, Alphabit was valued at around $5 billion. However, one day later it is valued at $50 billion, with a peak of $80 billion.

Either my calculation is completely wrong, or BITCF should soar 50 times when the suspension is lifted on 7 September.


vrijdag 4 augustus 2017

COT Report Not Looking Good

A huge reversal happened in just 2 weeks. Managed money shorts all covered now, which means gold is not looking to well and might have topped out.

Silver is a bit more bullish, could go to $17/ounce, but is also weakening. And with today's beat in the jobs report, things might have changed for the worse for precious metals. I would be cautious.