zaterdag 13 mei 2017

Managed Money COT Report Update

According to the latest COT report, now is a very good time to start buying silver. A lot of commercials have covered their shorts. Also the Shanghai Silver premiums are soaring.

Gold, is a bit less bullish, but still ok.

Silver Net Balance Turns More Negative

The silver institute has reported 2016 silver demand and supply numbers.


We see that there was a silver deficit, but the most important number is that a lot of silver was taken away from the market via inventory build.

This is definitely beginning to look like it's 2008, where deficits also soared. A few years later, the silver price went up.

zondag 7 mei 2017

Q1 2017 gold demand and supply

Gold demand was down, but supply was down even more, which confirms that production will likely drop in the next decade.

WGC report