donderdag 14 december 2017

Orca Gold

Orca Gold (CANWF) is a gold explorer that has been slowly creeping upward, which is impressive considering gold hasn't done well in 2017. Management consists of former directors of Red Back Mining, which was a huge success story. The company was bought by Kinross Gold in 2010 for $7.1 billion. With Orca Gold, they have embarked upon another success story and I will explain why this is in this article.

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vrijdag 10 november 2017

Northern Empire Resources

Northern Empire Resources is one gold mining stock which seems to be trading under the radar. That means that it's still cheap for investors to buy. When I look into a miner there are 4 criteria that determine the quality of a project: management, resources, funding, location.

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maandag 6 november 2017

zondag 5 november 2017

Silver Supply and Demand

What is interesting is that there is no concensus on what the silver supply and demand is these days.

Metals Focus says this, while the Silver Institute says this.

Copper/Gold Ratio Vs. 10 Year Bond Yield

Gundlach says that the copper/gold ratio is correlated to the 10 year bond yield. A higher copper/gold ratio is a sign of inflation and in inflationary environments, bond do not do well (higher bond yields).

zaterdag 4 november 2017

More Signs Of An Inflationary Recession Are Building Up

Inflationary times are coming. Based on a higher deficit, higher debt, rising bond yields, deterioration in the economic leading indicators, flattening yield curve and closing of the output gap, we can be fairly sure that a period of recession will come in a few years and it will be an inflationary one. We can prepare for this by buying one of the most underpriced assets, which is precious metals. Or you can buy bitcoins, which is an alternative way to divest from the U.S. dollar. Equities will do well in inflationary times, but I wouldn't consider it as valuations are pretty high already.
In this analysis I'll give you an outlook on the market.

donderdag 31 augustus 2017

Alphabit (ABC) soars 3000%, BITCF could be ten bagger

I'm interested to know what this surge in Alphabit (ABC) means.
I really have no idea. Just recently, First Bitcoin Capital (BITCF) was halted because it soared too fast. We know that BITCF owns 95% of Alphabit and a day ago, Alphabit was valued at around $5 billion. However, one day later it is valued at $50 billion, with a peak of $80 billion.

Either my calculation is completely wrong, or BITCF should soar 50 times when the suspension is lifted on 7 September.


vrijdag 4 augustus 2017

COT Report Not Looking Good

A huge reversal happened in just 2 weeks. Managed money shorts all covered now, which means gold is not looking to well and might have topped out.

Silver is a bit more bullish, could go to $17/ounce, but is also weakening. And with today's beat in the jobs report, things might have changed for the worse for precious metals. I would be cautious.