dinsdag 23 april 2013

Is the gold there?

As the gold stock at the COMEX keeps dropping precipitously, we get more and more signs that the banks and warehouses don't have any gold or silver available for delivery. Junk silver premiums made a new high of 27% today. Chow Tai Fook in Hong Kong is out of gold bars. It's only a matter of time now, when this will become mainstream media.

Edit: On 24 april, registered gold hit a new low and total gold stock hit a new low at 8 million ounces. This drop is the largest one in years. Something is happening.

1 opmerking:

  1. Is the market oversold? With gold trading at $1,423 oz, retail investors consider this to be a bargain price, as gold coins are very popular.
    However, if the stock market continues to move upwards, the price of gold could easily drop below $1,400 once again....