dinsdag 9 september 2014

China running out of silver

Very interesting development is that at this rate, China will run out of silver in the next two months.


That's why we see the 11% premium at Shanghai.

I can't predict what will happen when the first chart goes to zero, but it will be bullish for silver.

Harvey Organ explains what can happen when China runs out of silver. A gold price spike to 10000 USD/ounce overnight in December 2014. Silver will go to 200 USD/ounce. I'm of course very skeptical about this. But the more reason to monitor the Shanghai silver vaults.

If you want to monitor the weekly inventory of silver at the Shanghai Exchange, you can go here.

Click on "weekly inventory" (by the way, these are real physical inventories, not imaginary inventories from the LBMA).

For example: 5-Sep-2014: Inventory of silver is 93304 kg.

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