vrijdag 7 november 2014

Day 16-19: High purity gold coins in high demand

So due to the sell-off in gold we just went to Hang Seng Bank again today in Central Hong Kong to buy another load of gold coins. Today, the Canadian maple leafs and also the Perth Mint kangaroos were sold out too. I could get my hands on these a few weeks ago. These coins are 9999 coins, meaning they are high in gold content. All sold out.

The only things left were Krugerrands and U.S. Liberty coins (American Eagles), which only have 92% gold in it.

Not only here in Hong Kong, but at the U.S. Mint also, we see that gold demand is very high. In just the first week of November they bought half the gold coin volume (30500 ounces) of the previous month (67500 ounces).

And with that, we return from the protests in Hong Kong to the riots in Belgium. 3 weeks is too long for any holiday.

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