woensdag 21 januari 2015

ECB $1.3 Trillion Money Printing Visualized

The ECB announced QE of 50 billion euro/month, probably for 2 years. That amounts to 1.1 trillion euros or $1.3 trillion dollars.

It looks something like this. The Fed, the ECB and the BOJ will all happily intersect with each other in 2017.

If everything goes as planned, this is very bullish for the U.S. dollar. Considering the fact that global money printing has just increased through the ECB, gold will benefit greatly.

As always, European bonds will not be a good investment when the ECB prints money, because the currency of those bonds gets devalued, so I would definitively avoid that.

For all those Europeans who bought gold in advance, congratulations!

We'll see what happens tomorrow...

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