zaterdag 14 februari 2015

Copper and Oil Contango Report

From now on I'll monitor the WTI Crude contango in addition to the copper contango. Because I want to know when to buy into the oil sector. Also, silver and oil always move together, which is another reason why I need to monitor oil.

Copper price is still going down as we are still moving into contango:

WTI oil is in contango and will soon reverse, with a recovery in oil. Also, 2015 could be a surprise year, where Europe and Russia will become friends again and this will have a positive impact on oil, Russian stocks. U.S. oil production is still going up, but cannot go up forever at these prices. I'm holding my hands ready on Crescent Point Energy (CPG), which gives a nice dividend of 9% and a 20% upside potential in stock price when oil recovers.

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