maandag 20 juli 2015

Chapwood Index

I read about this alternate calculation on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for inflation:

This is how they calculate it and apparently the CPI is around 9% at this moment:

Financial experts at Chapwood Investments, LLC have spent the past 4 years engaged in groundbreaking research that uncovers the real cost of living percentage increase for every major metropolitan area in the United States.

Numerous organizations have struggled to reveal inaccuracies in the government Consumer Price Index (CPI) methodology by calculating alternative inflation rates.

No one, until now, has ever attempted to objectively determine the real cost of living percentage increase without the influence of the flawed government model.

Over two years, we collected data from friends and associates across the country on over 4,000 items to see what they spent money on in their daily lives. We then narrowed these items down to the top 500 most frequently used and relevant items. Those items became the basis of the Chapwood Index.

Every six months, we take the precise price for the same item quarter by quarter and calculate the increase or decrease, then developed a weighted index based on price. These items include basically everything that most Americans consumer during the course of their lives.

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