vrijdag 25 september 2015

Silver Premiums continue to rise to the moon

The news for today is that silver premiums keep rising to new highs.

Look at that:


Clearly, the physical silver market (red chart) is now leading the COMEX paper spot price of silver (blue chart). 

Which means gold and silver miners are selling at that physical price, I believe a surge in the mining area will occur soon. Also, APMEX buy price for silver is $17.62/ounce, which is above the spot price of silver. 

This means you can sell your silver to APMEX at a price higher than the spot price of silver, which also means you can't ever buy physical silver at the spot price of $15/ounce.

Isn't this an interesting event?
And that might explain why First Majestic Silver has these silver medallions on BACKORDER at a price of $17.50/ounce. I could just buy all the silver of First Majestic Silver and sell it with profit to APMEX at $17.62/ounce.

 There just isn't any physical silver left...

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