dinsdag 3 november 2015

CME Protests at COMEX Gold Stock lows

What a coincidence that we saw protests at the CME, which had a halt in its trading platform, at the same time that COMEX registered gold stock hit a new decade low. Registered gold is now so low, that we can actually just stop reporting on it. Are we finally seeing the final nail in the coffin? Did somebody not get delivery? I have no idea. Note that Bitcoin is at the same time starting to move up which means something is going on.

New lows in registered gold (blue) at 151384.629 troy ounces.

Record leverage at 45 eligible to registered gold.

On another note, repatriation of gold from the U.S. is gaining pace and gold imports to Asia are accelerating. Premiums have gone down a bit, but are still robust. U.S. mint silver sales are still on track to hit records. U.S. mint gold sales were weaker.

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