donderdag 4 januari 2018

Stock Screener: Day 4: GameStop Corp. (GME)

Finally Euronav went back up in the green and now I can go on to my next stock pick. Euronav didn't do so well because of terrible shipping rates. But the economy is now turning positive again and that's visible in the VLCC rates.

If I don't have any ideas anymore what to buy, I use the stock screener.

What you want to do is filter on 4 attributes: market cap, P/E, dividend yield and percentage change.

1) Market Cap: do not choose small companies as they are mostly fraudulent or don't have sustainable earnings. Don't choose big companies because these are not volatile enough to get fast profits from. I'd filter between 200 million and 4 billion.

2) P/E ratio: choose the companies with the lowest P/E ratio, these companies are dirt cheap while still having earnings. Cheap is below P/E of 5. But do not choose below P/E of 2 because those are mostly companies that are going bankrupt or have bad growth.

3) Dividend yield: always choose companies that have dividends, because these companies have real earnings and can prove they have sustainable earnings to reward investors. The higher the better of course, but don't push it above 7% as those companies probably don't have the money to pay out dividends on a regular basis. I'd go for companies with dividends between 3% and 7%.

4) Volatility: don't choose companies that are so volatile. Maximum year over year change should be between the 20% range.

We use the exact same parameters as above and our next winner is: Gamestop (GME). This time I took a stock from the U.S. This company is very undervalued with a P/E of 5.5 and dividend of 8%. So what can go wrong here? Well, its business model is quickly becoming obsolete, because nobody wants to buy physical video games anymore, everyone now buys games online. But I think the stock is now trading so low that we must see a little bounce here. I hope...

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