vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

GDP Numbers are Out for Q3 2012

I'm always excited when I get another data point for my zero hour debt chart. Today the GDP numbers were out for Q3 2012. The media is all positive about the 2% growth in GDP year over year, but we all know 2% is not a positive number. Nowhere in that article they mention the debt growth, GDP growth is meaningless when debt grows faster than GDP. I wrote about zero hour debt here.

We can see now, that our newest data point is right in line with our trendline.

During the 3rd quarter, GDP rose 1% from $15.6 trillion to $15.78 trillion (quarter over quarter). But the debt rose 2% from $15.7 trillion to $16.1 trillion (quarter over quarter). That's double the GDP growth!

Make your own conclusions...

Chart 1: Zero Hour Debt

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