zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Non-Farm Payroll number Vs. Unemployment Rate

Non-Farm Payroll numbers came out at 113000 in September and the unemployment rate fell to 7.8%. Gold initially dropped as everyone thought that the decline in the unemployment rate was positive, but actually it is not. Peter Schiff mentions why in his update here.

As I mentioned before here, the non-farm payroll numbers are more important than the unemployment numbers. Especially when government is underreporting on the unemployment numbers as discouraged workers and part-time workers aren't counted in the unemployment numbers.

To get a higher employment in the U.S. industry we need to have at least 200000 for the non-farm payroll number, which we didn't get at all. We only got 113000, which is only half of the goal we need to achieve.

So the reality is: the unemployment rate went up, even though the government statistics say differently. The reason being that the population is growing faster than people are getting jobs.

Chart 1: Non-farm payroll

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