maandag 17 maart 2014

Marc Faber: When China Implodes, This Might Be Bullish For Gold

A very important development is happening today in China.

One after another company in China is defaulting on its debt. Marc Faber quotes: "We have a gigantic credit bubble here in China." Example: Zhejiang Xingrun Real Estate Co real estate developer defaults. Chinese bank defaults.

What this does to the yuan is obvious, the yuan is declining. If it manages to go above 6.2 USD/CNY, you can expect large problems as the China carry trade will halt and many people invested in Chinese structured products will be in the dumps.

Marc Faber confirms this in the next video. He expects Chinese GDP growth to slow 50% from 8% to 4%. You would think that when the yuan drops, Chinese can't buy that much gold anymore, but Marc Faber has another view on this. The yuan could drop and as a result Chinese gold demand could actually go up due to people protecting themselves from inflation (and defaults) in China.

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