vrijdag 18 april 2014

Run on GLD Starting at Decade Low GOFO Rates

It is very odd that Shanghai demand is now receding.

Today the SGE withdrawals of gold fell again 16% from last week to only 21.4615 tonnes, see chart below courtesy of Koos Jansen: In gold we trust. So demand for gold in China is really dropping fast as premiums between China and London are still at zero, indicating that demand for gold from China is very unnaturally low.

However, the GLD ETF had something interesting to tell. The GLD physical stock finally started dropping hard since yesterday, while I had thought it would start increasing.

GOFO rates are now very negative historically hitting new lows. Maybe this tells us that GLD is finally having a run on gold due to supply tightness. Because China isn't buying, so who is actually taking delivery from GLD now? Maybe the retail investors themselves, demanding for the physical. I'm just guessing around, could also just be storage fee payments.

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