zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Gold is setting up for a huge short squeeze next week

We had a huge stock withdrawal on 8 May and I mean huge. Brinks just had a delivery of 137040.61 troy ounces on COMEX.

And it looks like this. The blue line (registered gold stock) plunged to unseen levels of 407402.284 troy ounces.

Paper gold leverage skyrocketed today, it's unbelievable.


On top of that GLD has seen a huge withdrawal today of 11 tonnes, which is the highest gold withdrawal of this year 2015.

 And managed money shorts (red chart below) are at highs, setting up for a huge squeeze next week.


Watch out for next week, things are going to happen.

By the way, remember what I said about the COMEX silver having a massive trend change in stock?
It is continuing. Registered silver (blue line) is dropping fast.

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