dinsdag 26 januari 2016

COMEX Registered gold disappeared: prepare for a bull run in gold

It's official, the COMEX registered gold amount is so low it's now negligible. HSBC and Scotia Mocatta have removed 80% of their registered gold following J.P. Morgan.

This is how it looks now:

And leverage is asymptotic at an eligible/registered gold ratio of 85 to 1.

I can pretty much predict now that the gold rally has officially begun.

Also, China gold imports from Hong Kong were through the roof, they were so through the roof that Beijing decided to stop reporting SGE withdrawals. U.S. Mint silver sales hit a new record in January 2016 at more than 6 million ounces and gold sales hit another record.

And when there is no gold anymore, what do they do? They run to silver.

COMEX silver registered stock is disappearing at an alarming pace. So I expect a huge reversal in silver price soon.


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