zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Gold/Silver Premium Update

The COT report this weeks shows that gold will go up in price as shorts are covering. But silver shorts seem to have already covered, so short term I think silver has done its course and I would be worried about a leg down in silver. Silver hasn't done anything special in price, despite a record sale at the U.S. Mint, which is odd.

Gold is doing ok, more upside to come:

Silver shorts have covered half of their shorts, weakness in silver to come:

This is confirmed by the weakness in silver premiums at Shanghai:

Gold premium at Shanghai is stable:

APMEX silver premiums are falling:

Junk silver is also not doing too well, but I see that some silver bags are out of stock at APMEX, so I guess we will see a rise in premiums soon:

Gold premiums are rising:

Conclusion: buy gold, but hold off on silver for the time being.

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