vrijdag 30 december 2011

PSLV PHYS premium in function of time

From today on I'm going to monitor the premiums of PSLV and PHYS in function of time and monitor the stock price of PSLV and PHYS. I also asked HR to send me the numbers, let's see if they will do it.

Then after a while I'll try to see if there is any correlation between price movements between the premium and the share price of PSLV and PHYS.

These below are the premium and the price charts for PHYS (2010):


Looks like both charts correlate well. Premium goes up, price goes up. This happened until September 2010. Then suddenly the premium went down while the price of PHYS went up. I need more data to get to a conclusion...

For an analysis of PSLV go here:

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