zaterdag 31 december 2011

Which country has the most foreign exchange reserves + gold?

When it comes to how much Foreign Exchange Reserves + gold a country has we can have 3 different statistics:
1) FER + Gold per capita
2) FER + Gold as a % of GDP
3) FER + Absolute amount of gold reserves

1) FER + Gold per capita:
The leader here is Singapore with $36000 USD per capita.
Hong Kong  is second with $22000 USD per capita (I have seen all those gold shops in Hong Kong, it really is amazing).
United Arab Emirates is third with $17000 USD per capita.
Japan has $7500 USD per capita.
China has $1100 USD per capita.
India has $240 USD per capita.
(Belgians have only $1500 USD FER + gold per capita, which is a shame.)

2) FER + Gold as a % of GDP:
Libya and Singapore have more gold reserves than GDP. Ratio = 1.1
Hong Kong: FER + gold reserve is 70% worth of GDP
Taiwan and China: FER + gold reserve is 40% worth of GDP
Vietnam, Japan, India: FER + gold reserve is 20% worth of GDP
Belgium: FER + gold reserve is only 2.5% of GDP (what a shame again)

3) Absolute amount of FER + Gold reserves:
First is China: 2.6 trillion USD 
Second is Japan: 1.1 trillion USD
Third is Russia: 500 billion USD 

All the FER + gold (aka money) is situated in Asia. And Asia will be the richest place on the world.

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