zondag 29 januari 2012

Agriculture turning around?

At the beginning of 2012 agriculture prices are starting to turn around after the big correction that occured in 2011. Speculators have started to add net long positions in agriculture due to drought concerns in South America. Global demand is still going up.

Soy Bean prices are going up on dry weather in Brazil and Argentina.
Palm Oil prices benefit from the problems in the Soy Bean crops.
Cotton prices are improving but are still weak. Cotton prices are bottoming out though.
The rubber market is likely to continue the uptrend due to bad weather conditions. Demand for rubber is strengthened by the buying up to the Lunar New Year.
Wheat prices are still weak due to large wheat production.
Coffee prices had a surge in 2010 and were correcting in 2011. Prices will remain firm though due to supply shortages.
Sugar is in an uptrend, but speculators are turning bearish.
Corn prices are weak due to a surplus in inventory, but seem to be bottoming out.
Rice prices are turning in a downtrend as India starts exporting more rice to the world.

Overall, we can say that agriculture prices are in the process of bottoming out, but I wouldn't count on making money here because wheat, corn and cotton (the three biggest agricultural commodities) are still in oversupply.

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