vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Belgium Downgraded by Fitch

Today Belgium was downgraded by Fitch from AA+ to AA with negative outlook. All of this due to the Dexia fiasco. I'm from Belgium and I can say that the bailout of Dexia was the most immoral thing the government has ever done. Dexia has an enormous amount of Greek debt (US$5 billion write down)  and everyone knows Greece is going to default sooner than later. Supporting Dexia was the dumbest act ever. The only reason why Belgium government bonds are doing well is because Belgians have an enormous amount of savings and the unemployment rate is improving.

But we see the consequences already from Dexia. Several cantons lost several millions of money. Of course, we tax payers will need to pay for this.
Amount of shares in Dexia per capita

4 other countries were downgraded as well:

Italy: A => A-
Spain: AA- => A
Cyprus: BBB => BBB-
Slovenia: AA- => A

Surprisingly, the euro went up...

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