zondag 11 maart 2012

Shadowstats: Hyperinflation in 2014

It's important to watch Shadowstats.com to get the real picture of the economy. 
This interview with John Williams from 20 January 2012 tells us that 2014 is the year for hyperinflation.

Unemployment rates are not getting better as the federal reserve says (8% unemployment), but it's getting worse (23% unemployment)
Unemployment Rate

Inflation is much worse than the federal reserve is saying. It isn't 3% (which is already bad), but it is 10%. Notable here is that inflation isn't as bad yet as in the 1980's where inflation was 15%. So there is still room for gold to explode to higher levels.

Consumer Inflation

As you can see on this GDP chart we didn't have any real growth since a decade, which means zero hour has already started.

GDP growth inflation adjusted

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