maandag 5 maart 2012

Zero Hour Debt in 2013

Let's give an update on the Zero Hour Debt chart, which basically tells us that the economy will get into stagflation and later on in hyperinflation. The reasoning behind this is that we will need an unlimited amount of  debt to have growth in the economy. If we don't print money, we will have negative nominal GDP and this is what the federal reserve is terrified of, because when the economy contracts, the whole system collapses (cfr. Chris Martenson's Crash Course). I highly recommend everyone to watch Chris Martenson's Crash Course on his website.

The chart below has been produced by another Seekingalpha contributor on August 2011 and goes to 2009. We are now in 2012 and it's time to update the chart.

To see the latest on Zero Hour Debt, go to: Zero Hour Debt in 2013

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