donderdag 24 mei 2012 About Hyperinflation

Just found an interesting site that gives information about the correlation between hyperinflation and money velocity.


The key measure to follow is money velocity of the broad measures of money supply M3 or MZM (which resembles M3). When money velocity spikes, hyperinflation has set in as people scramble for tangible assets.

"Hyperinflation starts when the public is unwilling to hold the money for more than the time it is needed to trade it for something tangible to avoid further loss. A good indicator that Hyperinflation has started will be a sudden increase in the Velocity of Money. [ P = M x V ]. This alone can increase the general level of prices. Even with a falling M3!"

So be warned, when the following graph spikes up, it's time to get into real tangible assets! You can see that in 1980 we had the hyperinflationary crisis where gold spiked into a bubble when everyone feared inflation.

Chart 1: MZM Money Stock

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