maandag 28 mei 2012

U.S. Dollar Bill Seen As Trash: The Story of John Davis

We all know cash is trash and the U.S. dollar will ultimately be worth nothing. It's ironic how this actually played out in real life.

John Davis, a normal average Joe, tried to help a man in a wheelchair, handing him some spare cash. In doing so, he accidentally dropped a 1 U.S. dollar bill on the ground. Immediately after that, the cops pulled him over for littering in public. He violated Section No: 613.06 of Cleveland’s Municipal Codes and was fined $US 500 for this act.

It reminds me of Ben Bernanke throwing trillions of dollars out of his helicopter, which is completely legal. But throwing a 1 dollar bill on the ground is a crime?

What is even more funny is that the cops see a 1 dollar bill as "trash". Hence: "Cash is Trash". It isn't as funny for Mr. Davis though, as he will have to pay up $US 500. He preferred not to pay it though...

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