vrijdag 18 mei 2012

Job Cuts Starting All Over Again

When we had the crash of 2008, we knew that job cuts followed immediately after it. Today, the stock market is rapidly deteriorating with China and India slowing down, American and European banks hitting new lows, European bond yields hitting new highs.

Here are the highlights of the most recent job cuts since 2012 started.

Lufthansa cuts 3500 jobs
HP cuts 30000 jobs
HSBC cuts 3167 UK jobs
Dell set to cuts jobs in the UK
Yahoo cuts 2000 jobs (14%)
Sony cuts 10000 jobs
Credit Suisse could cut 5000 jobs
First Solar cuts 2000 jobs
French banks about to cut thousands of jobs
T-Mobile cuts 1900 jobs
Bank of America cuts 2000 jobs + 400 investment bank jobs
RBS and Lloyds cut 2000 jobs
Allied Irish Banks cuts 2500 jobs
IBM cuts 1790 jobs
Nokia cuts 4000 jobs
American Airlines cuts 13000 jobs
Astrazeneca cuts 7300 jobs
USPS cuts 35000 jobs
PepsiCo cuts 8700 jobs
P&G cuts 5700 jobs
Kraft cuts 1600 jobs
RBS cuts 4800 jobs
Novartis cuts 1960 jobs
NEC cuts 10000 jobs

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