zaterdag 18 mei 2013

Correlation: Monitoring the GLD Trust ETF to Predict Gold Prices Based on Demand

As demand is now being dictated for a part by the ETF's, we need to pay attention to what is happening in the trusts. Are they unloading their gold? Because if they keep unloading their gold, the demand from ETF's is going to decline, which has a negative impact on the gold price. This is the theory of supply and demand.

You can monitor this chart daily at the SPDR gold trust site:

Chart 1: GLD Trust: Units in the trust (tonnes)
As I indicated here, ETF's were the largest sellers in gold, resulting in a 13% decline in the demand for gold. I cannot stress how important it is that ETF's keep buying gold. If they don't buy, like what happened starting in 2013, then the price of gold will decline. The great difference between 2013 and 2008 is that in 2008, ETF's were massive buyers of gold, while today they are massive sellers. Keep watching this trend. If it reverses, you can confidently start buying precious metals

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