maandag 13 mei 2013

Gold Lease Rate

This page is created to monitor the "Gold Lease Rate".

The gold interest rate earned on fiat gold is commonly referred as the gold “lease” rate.

It is calculated as:
Gold Lease Rate = Libor Rate - Gold Forward Rate.

The LBMA presents the data every day at this link.

Whenever the gold lease rate tops out (spikes upwards), the gold price will hit a bottom as central banks demand the gold back from the bullion banks at higher gold lease rates. So it is a bullish sign to have high gold lease rates. It means that the GOFO rate is very low, which indicates backwardation in gold.

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  1. The interest rate for lending gold in exchange for dollars plunged to the lowest on record this week as European banks sought ways to secure the U.S. currency amid the region’s debt crisis.
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  2. the gold lease charge started to spike upwards, which inevitable gold was in short furnish.

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  3. The Lease rate of gold spikes upwards, gold price change.
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