donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Hong Kong day 1: Overpopulation

I'm on holiday in Hong Kong. I can say that the economic conditions here are very good. Yesterday, I saw a person buy physical gold at a bank and the most funny thing is that the gold counter was right next to the foreign exchange counter. Yes, gold is money and is considered to be equal to currency, but non-devaluable.

On my first day I went up the mountain of Chai Wan, a view you won't see a lot.

Next on, I went to buy some groceries at a local department store. It was fully packed as usual.

To go from one place to another, we use the metro. This is by far the best invention of Hong Kong.

You can also take the bus.

Or the tram.

Shopping is quite an endeavour on itself.

Because there are a lot of people, consumption is prevalent here.
You can't cross the street without touching someone.

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