dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Hong Kong day 6: Mainland China's Increased Consumption

Today we went to Hong Kong's Ocean Park. This park features many aquatic creatures and shows to watch and has a lot of other attractions like roller coasters, water rides, giant swings, gravity simulators...

You can go there by taking the metro to Admiralty and then taking the bus to Ocean Park. I went there on a Tuesday. What struck me was that there weren't a lot of people there. I could just go on a roller coaster without waiting. What struck me even more was that all people there were basically mainland China visitors. There were very few people from Hong Kong.

The most obvious cause is that the Yuan has been appreciating a lot, so all those mainland China people go visiting Hong Kong. A few years earlier it was the Hong Kong people who visited mainland China, that doesn't happen anymore.  The yuan appreciated in just a few years time from 106 RMB exchangeable to 100 HKD, to 78 RMB exchangeable to 100 HKD. That's an appreciation of 30% in favour of the RMB.

But enough babbling, here are some breathtaking videos. Other than exotic birds, giant fishes, jelly fishes, sea lions, dolphins, tortoises, monkeys, spiders, snakes,

I saw panda's.
I saw penguins.
I saw otters.
I took the cable car.

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