woensdag 30 oktober 2013

South-Korea days 7-11: Hot Pot Every Day

The final week in Korea wasn't what I expected. I had expected fashionable people with classy outfits, but it turned out that a huge part of Korea is pretty poor. So we wandered through the deserted China-like villages. Only the capital Seoul had a bit of flair in it.

I'm a vegetarian, Korea doesn't like vegetarians. Every day I had to eat "hot pot". Basically they put a bowl of flavoured water in a big bowl in front of you. It looks like this.

What they put in it is: carrots, cabbage, mushrooms. That's what I ate for 5 days with a bit of rice. It doesn't have a lot of variety in it, but it sure is healthy. That's why Asians are so skinny.

Another day, I visited Everland and boarded on the T-Express, Korea's most famous wooden roller coaster.

The last day we visited Seoul, that was a pretty fine place to do shopping. One of the hotels we stayed in, looked like a psychiatric institution.

They have huge shopping malls like Shinsegae, with over 13 floors.

The small streets are just like Hong Kong, with a flair of Japan in it.

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