donderdag 20 februari 2014

Belgium Buys Chinese U.S. Bonds

As a Belgian I cannot believe what our government is doing. China sold $48 billion in U.S. bonds, while Belgium bought $56 billion in U.S. bonds. That means China sold their U.S. treasuries to Belgium and Belgium bought even a bit more of it. 

And it isn't only the month of December 2013. Belgium kept buying the whole year of 2013 and is now the fourth largest U.S. bond holder with $257 billion in U.S. bonds. For such a small country of $500 billion in annual GDP.

I can't imagine what will happen if the U.S. bond market collapses. Belgium will collapse too.

U.S. bond holders

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  1. I guess Belgium is not really buying. Only Fed buying its own bonds to make the world believe they have some kind of value. They can't do it openly so they use some country face but it's not really Belgium money.