vrijdag 7 februari 2014

Bitcoin Crashes

As predicted many times ago, bitcoin is a bubble. Finally, people are starting to realize this. Mt. Gox has now temporarily suspended withdrawals of money from their exchange. Everyone is now rushing to get their money selling their bitcoins. But the funny thing is, this will take more than a month to do so and it will also take 4 weeks to validate your bank account. So in total you won't have your money for probably several months and now they suspend your withdrawal.

Do you really think people want to put their money in a virtual currency, knowing that their exchange could crash/go bankrupt at any time and their money disappear in a second?

Needless to say, the bubble has popped and that is visible in the following graph and it's going to get worse.

Peter Schiff was right... bitcoin is a bubble. You won't have these problems with gold, I can tell you that.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. give it up, this blogging isn't working for you...

    1. Several hours later, this has become front page news on google finance and Zerohedge.

  2. And several day later, bitcoin stabilizes above the mean, again...