zondag 16 februari 2014

Update on Allana Potash and Avino Silver & Gold

Two stocks I have been quietly accumulating on are Allana Potash and Avino Silver & Gold. I believe these two stocks are set to have a good run in the coming year.

Allana Potash, which I have been talking about here and Avino Silver & Gold, which I have been talking about here, both have catalysts.

1) Allana Potash just announced its first tranche of equity financing and more importantly an off-take agreement with ICL Potash to buy the entire production. Basically, ICL Potash has plans to buy about $80 million of the company with equity financing. Of course this will reduce the upside, but it will derisk the project and make the upside in share price more likely. We don't know what the lending side is about yet, but I'm hoping it will be a good deal.

2) Avino Silver & Gold has doubled in value since December 2013 on very good production results. And we aren't even counting in the new production that is coming online later this year with the Avino Mine itself. We also see insider buying in February 2014, so there is much more upside on this stock. And I'm not even counting in the surge in silver price which is sure to come.

Just my two cents...

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