zondag 7 december 2014

Belgium Gold Repatriation

Good job Belgium! Take that Switzerland...

Belgium has 227 tonnes of gold, how much of that is stored in other countries?

It only has a limited amount of gold stored at the Belgium National Bank (BNB); the bulk of Belgium’s reserves is held at the Bank of England, a portion is held at the Bank of Canada, and another portion at the Bank for International Settlements (in Basel) which has been in the manipulation business lately. And I'm sure some of it is in the U.S at the Federal Reserve. Belgium has never disclosed where it held its gold.

Maybe, just maybe they are concerned about this trend down in the GLD physical gold reserves. And there should be a connection between GLD and the Bank of England. GLD’s gold inventory is vaulted in London. They should also be concerned about the LBMA.

The Bank of England is a custodian for central banks and the LBMA. So a repatriation of gold from the Bank of England, could mean some added pressure on the LBMA (if the gold of Belgium is not there). And the GOFO rates at the LBMA going negative are a sign of that.

Here are some additional numbers from a year ago:

The traded amount of “paper linked to gold” exceeds by far the actual supply of physical gold: the volume on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA of which the RBI is a member) OTC market and the other major Futures and Options Exchanges was over 92 times that of the underlying Physical Market.

Now Belgium takes a bunch of physical gold from the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, who knows what could happen.

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