maandag 6 februari 2012

European banks: Government Debt Exposure

Today I came across a very nice (and funny) presentation on how much government debt exposure these European banks have on their balance sheet.

You can find the presentation here:

bank government debt
Bank government debt exposure (

Based on this picture you can almost predict which bank is the safest/riskiest bank to place your money in. The banks with the highest exposure to government debt are the banks that are the most risky when we are faced with a government debt collapse. Almost all of them are Spanish and Italian banks. If you do place your money in a bank, choose wisely! Or do what the wise man would do, don't choose, instead buy gold.

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  1. the topic is really interesting. Did you developped some articles about this topic? " exposore to sovereign debt?"

    1. Haven't done any articles yet about exposure to sovereign debt. Basically you just need to stay away from the banking industry.

      For example, our Belgian bank Dexia (which is now named Belfius, like in Malfius) was extremely exposed to Greek debt. If the government wasn't going to help Dexia. They would already be bankrupt and everyone would have lost their money in that bank. But now the whole Belgian people is paying taxes to support Dexia.

  2. Oh Katchum i just saw your message today.Are you in belgiul as well?

  3. I would like to have a conversation with you about one of those topic.I'm writing a paper about exoposure to sovereign.Do you have a skype or mobile where i can join u? I certainly would like to have you opinion about a question.