vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Japan: Equities to outperform Bonds

Marc Faber told us to buy Japanese equities last year, saying that government bonds in Japan would underperform equities. One of his stock picks was Nomura Holdings (NMR), which has a dividend of 2% and price to book ratio of 0.65. Its last quarter net earnings were $US 200 million, but has had big losses in the previous quarters. Nomura is a speculative play on Japanese equities, but I believe Japan is undervalued by investors.

I fully concur with Marc Faber to buy Japanese equities, and the best play for this is Nomura Holdings. If people start loving Japanese equities, Nomura will flourish as it is the primary brokerage service in Japan. To see why equities will outperform bonds, go here: Nomura Holdings: Japanese Equities to outperform Bonds.

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