vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Sun Hung Kai Properties: a good buy

Hong Kong is one of the best parts of Cina to invest in real estate. The Centa City Lead Index, which tracks the secondary private residential property price in Hong Kong is still in an uptrend, despite some weakness in 2011. 

Centa City
Centa City Lead Index

I highly recommend Sun Hung Kai Properties to benefit from this uptrend. This company is strong in Hong Kong and also has property in China: Shanghai, Beijing... So let's look at the Shanghai property index. The one year chart looks like it's bottoming out.
Shanghai Property
Shanghai Property Index

The long term chart of Sun Hung Kai Properties is bottoming out as well and correlates very well with the Shanghai Property Index chart.
Sun Hung Kai properties
Sun Hung Kai Properties SUHJY

And last but not least: Marc Faber bought Sun Hung Kai Properties at the end of last year as disclosed in this video.

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