zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

Scott Minerd: The Faustian Bargain

To add more credence to the importance of interest rates on the assets of the federal reserve (and the banks) I will point to this article of Scott Minerd: The Faustian Bargain.

He says that it only takes a rise of 1% in interest rates to render the fed insolvent.

"Now, a 100 basis-point increase in interest rates would cause the market value of the Federal Reserve’s assets to fall by about 8% or approximately $200 billion which would leave the Federal Reserve with a capital deficit of $150 billion, rendering it insolvent under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)."

So I wasn't talking BS when I said interest rates are very important for the assets of the federal reserve and the bank's balance sheet. When interest rates rise, bad things happen.

Another thing to point out is that during high inflation (Table 1: purple blocks), bonds are the worst investment as bonds won't act well in inflationary times. Farmland, gold and silver on the other hand are good performers. And as Marc Faber always points out, art and collectibles will do especially well.

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