vrijdag 22 maart 2013

Correlation: Disposable Income Vs. Housing Prices: Is there a housing bubble?

Peter talked a lot about housing on the radio show of 21 March 2013. He said that house prices could drop a lot from here, but I don't agree with that.

To see where housing prices will go we need to look at 3 fundamentals. The most important one is wages and income. If your monthly disposable income doesn't match with the house you are buying, you will not be able to pay off your house. The second factor is mortgage rates. If you need to pay an ever increasing higher interest, you will have difficulties to pay off your house (at an adjustable rate mortgage). The last factor is savings. If you don't have a pool of savings, you can't make an adequate down payment for your house.

Let's analyze these 3 fundamentals in this article.

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