maandag 31 december 2012

J.P. Morgan: Very Large Shift from Registered to Eligible Gold

It's official, registered gold and silver is being dumped. That means that open interest is declining in the COMEX. Why this is you can find out here:

With that also the manipulation will end. And look who is transferring this registered silver and gold bullion into eligible assets. Yes, J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan's vault has 40% less physical gold and 16% less physical silver in just one day. Suddenly, the amount of registered gold has hit a multi month low.

Chart 1: COMEX Gold

Chart 2: COMEX Silver

3 opmerkingen:

  1. When registered inventory falls that means that either
    1. The inventory has been transferred to eligible and/or
    2. The inventory was delivered for a futures exchange

    Is the second what you mean by dumped?
    And how do we know that open interest fall?
    And how much was "dumped" vs transferred to eligible.

    1. I mean that registered declines and that always correlates to open interest declining. If open interest doesn't decline, then there will be a shortage of physical bullion.

      The total amount of inventory hasn't changed.

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