vrijdag 21 december 2012

Silver Prices Decouple Between Asia and Western World

Andrew Maguire on King World News reveals a shocking truth about the dislocation of silver prices between Asia and London. I already warned in February 2012 that prices between Asia and the Western world would diverge from each other and that manipulation of prices in the U.S. and London will end because of the emergence of Asia and their Shanghai Metals Market, which just recently started trading in silver (in April 2012).

Now, finally, the decoupling is happening and this should be an eye opener for everyone.

Apparently, silver traded at $29.61/ounce in London, while it traded at $32.50/ounce in Shanghai. That's a premium of 10% over London Spot Price. When the market closed it still traded at around 4% premium.

Of course there could be price disruptions between the two markets because of domestic spot trading. But 10% is a bit over it. Ultimately it's Shanghai that will win, because their exchange is backed by the real thing, while the COMEX is backed by nothing.

I would like to monitor this premium, but I can't find live quotes anywhere on the internet (which are free of charge). If I could monitor this premium divergence, it could be a tool to predict if the price of silver will go up or down.

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