vrijdag 7 december 2012

Peter Schiff: Wall Street Journal Article

Today, Peter's article on taxes was published in the WSJ. I encourage you to read it.
The article is titled: Peter Schiff: The Fantasy of a 91% Top Income Tax Rate

Here's Peter's message.

Dear Investor,

Today an article that I wrote will appear in the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal. The piece, entitled The Fantasy of a Top 91% Income Tax Rate, will dismantle the myth that wealthy Americans paid higher income tax rates in the 1950's and 1960's than they do today. The idea that the wealthy no longer pay "their fair share" of taxes was a central talking point during the presidential campaign and continues to be discussed as part of the current fiscal cliff debate in Washington. By looking directly at IRS tax data, I was easily able to show that the vast majority of wealthy people face a much higher burden today.    

I encourage you to read the article and send it to your friends. Here is the link to the online version. It would be great if the piece can get to the top of the Wall Street Journal's "Most Read" charts where it can make an even greater impact. It's very important that as many people as possible figure out that the government is not being honest with respect to taxation.

Unfortunately, the piece may not be viewable by those without an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Hopefully it will soon find its way into the unrestricted web in one form or another. I will be on CNBC tomorrow during the 4pm hour discussing the piece.

Thanks for your support.


Peter Schiff
CEO and Chief Global Strategist
Euro Pacific Capital

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