maandag 3 december 2012

Silver Reversal COMEX

Rather interesting reversal in registered silver versus eligible silver. Don't know what to make out of it...
Means they have more silver inventory to deliver.

Beware..., together with dropping silver lease rates, volatility is going to arise. We saw the same happening on 26 April 2012, when registered silver rose a lot too. The silver price dropped from $31/ounce to $28/ounce in a split second.

Let's see if our little hypothetical theory holds up... If all goes well (or rather not well for our portfolio), silver should go down.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. This is what has been happening for the last 10 years whenever those crazy goldbugs says that comex will run out of gold or silver. More inventory shows up. I like that you are more pragmatic here and present a balanced case.

  2. I'm a gold bug, right. But I'm also a realist, charts are key for me. When I see this drop in lease rates and a rise in inventory, I get cautious. Looks like we got our drop here and that could keep going on. Our hypothesis seems to make sense. As I get more experience in this, I could maybe even predict price swings. Interesting.