woensdag 13 februari 2013

Beleggerscompetitie: Update

We are one week further in the investors competition and I already dropped to position 20000 with my emerging market stocks and turbo gold which is dropping. You can follow me at "katchum", but following my positions seems not to be a good idea lately...

A lot of the investors from the previous week have dropped out of the top 10 too with the exception of VanLooy, Fidelski and Houtten.

1) Nass: Credit Agricole, Harmony, Infineon
2) VanLooy: Ageas, Commerzbank, gold, ING
3) gdelabassee: banks, Harmony, Inbev, Siemens, gold
4) Houtten: long stocks, Belgacom, GDF Suez, PostNL
5) Drache: long stocks, Heineken, Kinepolis
6) Dr Evil: long stocks
7) Fidelski: Umicore, Gold fields, gold, Japan, BASF
8) KVK1: Banks, Umicore, China
9) driesbe: China, Russia, stocks, K+S, Deutsche telecom
10)  jpah: Societe general, gold, Michelin, Mobistar

It looks like everyone is bullish on banks now, still holding gold and Umicore seems to have a special place because it has dropped a lot lately.

Keep your eyes on VanLooy, Houtten and Fidelski.

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