donderdag 28 februari 2013

Update: Beleggerscompetitie

On the Belgian Investors Competition, I'm still standing on last place with my dreaded declining gold and gold mining stocks. But let's take a look at the top 10.

It looks like Diddenboyke has held his position rather nicely.

1) tompau: long stocks, France Telecom, Air Liquide
2) pmanager: ING, long stocks
3) Diddenboyke: short gold, Barco, Adidas, Total, GDF Suez
4) DRACHE: Barco, Heineken, long stocks
5) Maarten Janssens: short stocks, Bekaert
6) Freak of Nature: short gold
7) Yamayoze: Gold Fields, Umicore, long stocks, Commerzbank
8) Bouchez: Gold Fields, Harmony, short stocks, Arcelormittal
9) Rover45: short stocks
10) Lapitop: ING, sipef, short stocks

As a summary we see that people aren't sure if we should be long or short stocks. What is sure is that you should be short gold apparently.

France Telecom, which I recommended in the previous update here, is being held by "tompau" and could be a winner here. It is interesting to see that someone is holding Sipef, which I also hold in my (real) portfolio.

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