zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Tightness Continues in the Precious Metals Market

There are several indicators of a tight gold market right now and I want to show you this in the following analysis. I will talk about the GOFO rate, premiums, supply and demand, CFTC report.

Investors shouldn't worry about the gold price declining, this is a healthy consolidation phase we are entering in now. Of course, we hear about George Soros lightening up his gold positions, Jim Rogers starting to hedge the gold price and Dennis Gartman shorting gold, but I see that more as a contrarian indicator. In the long term, fundamentals will win the battle.

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  1. Investors should be very worried about gold price declining. According to Reuters market analyst Wang Tao, spot gold might fall to less than $1,600 an ounce, and a further fall towards $1,582 is possible.